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The Best Brow Gel for Every Shade of Redhead

The Best Brow Gel for Every Shade of Redhead

If you’re a redhead, you know that finding the right eyebrow product can be a struggle. Brow gels, pencils, and pomades tend to come in shades designed for blondes and brunettes—and if there’s a redhead shade thrown in there, it’s often too deep, too bright or just off. We did some digging to find the best brow gel for every shade of red hair, from strawberry blonde to rich auburn. Whether your brows are totally invisible without product or they just need a little grooming, here are our top brow gels for redheads.

Best for strawberry blonde hair:

Hourglass Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel in Warm Blonde , $28

According to Beautylish team member Rori G., Hourglass’s fiber-infused brow gel in this shade is perfect for strawberry blonde brows. “I’ve never had a better color match than Warm Blonde. I like that it tints my brow hair rather than drawing on my skin, it helps shape my brows a bit, and it’s really foolproof to use.” It’s the perfect shade for those with red-leaning blonde to light brown hair. (Even better—the brand makes a matching brow pencil.)

Best for true redheads:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel in Caramel , $22

Natural redheads rave about this red-toned tinted light taupe gel. With its muted hue, Caramel manages to hit the perfect balance of warm and cool for natural-looking color that compliments ginger hair. If you struggle to find a brow gel that isn’t too bright or too red, this is a good option. The shade Caramel also comes in all of ABH’s other beloved brow formulas, from pencils to powders and pomades.

Best for bright red hair:

BY TERRY Eyebrow Mascara in 03 Sheer Auburn , $35

If your particular shade of red is bright and fiery—and you find that most brow gels are too ashy for you—BY TERRY may have the answer to your prayers. BY TERRY Eyebrow Mascara comes in Sheer Auburn, a red that adds fullness, hold and a hint of color to bring out even the most invisible brows. The slim wand is perfect for grabbing onto short, thin brow hairs without depositing product onto the skin underneath.

Best for auburn hair:

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Eyebrow Gel in 3.5 Medium , $24

A shade extension of Benefit’s cult-favorite Gimme Brow+ has blessed us with the perfect brow gel for reddish brown or auburn hair. This version is a warm auburn brown that tints brow hairs while adding volume and holding any strays in place. Long-lasting and water-resistant, Gimme Brow+ also comes in a wallet-friendly mini size if you’re unsure if the shade will work for you.

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